MAR for corrections

Med Pass Becomes Just That Easy!

The easy to use CorrecTek eMAR provides your staff with instant access to the patient's demographic data, diagnosis, and medication record. Furthermore, it allows for a fast, safe and secure medication administration. You will never have to look through stacks of paperwork to view exceptions and non-administered doses again. The eMAR provides you with a permanent electronic record of all medication administered.

The Power of Reporting

The CorrecTek eMAR allows you to save hundreds of man hours by instantly generating reports. System and customized reports can be generated within CorrecTek eMAR to gather information that was previously too cumbersome. Our easy to use report writer allows you to compose report on any information in the system during a specific time period. Reports can be generated on:

  • Pre-pour Medication Lists
  • Create Patient List for Med Pass
  • Patient Allergies
  • Patient Medications
  • Patient Current Problems
  • Patient Past Medical History
  • Patient Demographics
  • Medical Orders (Outstanding or completed and by whom)
  • Provider Prescribing Practices
  • Medication Administration
  • Orders Administration
  • Formularies
  • Patient Location Information
  • CQI Data
  • And more....

Sample Screen Shots

Dose Compliance Report

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Prescribing Habits Report

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