Electronic Medication Administration Record

The CorrecTek eMAR System:
The CorrecTek eMAR is a comprehensive MAR system that encompasses inmate demographics, medication administration record (MAR), treatment administration record (TAR), medical orders and reports.

Patient Information
Stores demographic information including the ID photo,
correctional information and offender information.

Electronic MAR
Tracks patient medication and prescriptions within the system,
directs the med pass process and documents
medication administration.

Electronic Orders
Initiates, completes and tracks all patient orders. Follows facility
protocols and processes related to patient care.

Robust Reporting
Report on prescribing habits, formularies, doses, missed doses
reasons, medication inventory and more.

1. Inmate Allergies
2. Inmate Medications
3. Inmate Medical Problems
4. Inmate Demographics
5. Medication Formularies
6. Medication Acceptance and Rejection Reports



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