medication administration record
electronic medication administration record
The eMAR made for Corrections

The eMAR is an electronic medication administration record system designed specifically for correctional healthcare. With the eMAR you can ensure the correct medication and dose were given to the correct inmate at the correct time. The eMAR system manages inmate information, medication and treatment administration, medication inventories and also offers system reporting.
Affordable monthly subscription rates allow the eMAR to fit comfortably into any budget and the system can be easily upgraded to the full CorrecTek EHR system at any time.

Instant benefits for your facility

  • Store demographic information including the ID photo, correctional information, and offender management information.
  • Track patient medications and prescriptions within the system, directs the med pass process and documents the medication administration.
  • Reduces liability through the elimination of paper documentation.
  • Reduces staff data entry time.
  • Promotes faster med pass.


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CorrecTek eMAR is a subsidiary of CorrecTek Inc. CorrecTek delivers innovative medical technologies to the correctional market. CorrecTek's flagship product, a correctional specific EHR, provides solutions for medication administration, documentation, offender management interfaces, medical orders and much more.

  electronic medication administration record



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