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Med Pass Becomes Just That Easy!

The easy to use CorrecTek eMAR provides your staff with instant access to the patient's demographic data, diagnosis, and medication record. Furthermore, it allows for a fast, safe and secure medication administration. You will never have to look through stacks of paperwork to view exceptions and non-administered doses again. The eMAR provides you with a permanent electronic record of all medication administered.

Administrating Medication in CorrecTek eMAR

The CorrecTek eMAR directs the med pass process while documenting medication administrations through the facility. Furthermore, the CorrecTek eMAR system provides your staff with instant access to vital information. The system manages the patient's medication information, medical information and demographic data. With a few clicks the medication can be administered to the patient. However, the system allows the administrator the ability to access other pertinent information if needed.

Medication Information
Access to all medication administrations, exceptions and requests.

Medical Information
Access to current medical problem list, allergies, outstanding medical orders, allergies and classification.

Demographic Information
Access to name, picture, date of birth, social security number, race, gender, tattoos, gang affiliations and aliases.

Sample Screen Shots

Administer Medication

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Add New Dose

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